A Virtual Presentation Course designed to get you Camera-Ready

  • Boost on-camera confidence.
  • Build brand authority.
  • Grow influence.

What Is Live Impact Online (LIO)?

The Turn-Key Virtual Training Course For Professionals

Live Impact Online is a virtual presentation course designed to get you camera-ready.

In 3-hours or less, learn how to deliver with more clarity, confidence, and power on your next Zoom or WebEx video conference in a redesigned virtual workspace!

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Why Improve Your Virtual Presentation Skills?

A New, More Virtual World

The world has changed. With increased reliance on remote business communications, a professional development investment in virtual presentation skills is more critical than ever before.

Live Impact Online helps professionals navigate the new way to work. LIO’s live, interactive course includes practical and highly effective expert advice, Q&A, practice, instant feedback, and best practices for setting up a virtual workspace as part of a customized experience for professionals like yourself who must remain competitive and effective in your respective industries.

When you're 'live,' there's no 'take two.'

Learn the skills you need with Live Impact Online.

How It Works

How Does It Work?

Choose Your Areas of Impact

LIO’s live video presentation training and consulting focuses on key skills to increase your performance on virtual platforms for better communication, engagement, and impact.

A Personalized 4-Pillar Program

“Look Your Best”


“Speak With Authority”

Vocal Variety

“Move Naturally”

Body Language Technique

“Redesign Your Virtual Workspace”

Virtual Office Setup


  • Physicality Consultation: Improve “Your Look” On-Screen
  • Body Positioning: Display Powerful Body Language
  • Wardrobe & Accessories: Establish Your Signature Professional Style
  • Audio & Lighting Basics: Highlight What is Most Important

Vocal Variety

  • Projection
  • Pacing
  • Pitch
  • Pausing
  • Inflection
  • Tone

Body Language Technique

  • Movement
  • Gestures
  • Posture
  • Facial Expression
  • Eye Contact
  • Space

Virtual Office Setup

  • Suggested Equipment List: Invest in Essential Equipment
  • Software & Hardware: Learn Technology & Equipment Best Practices
  • Room Setup & Decor: Create a Complimentary Environment
  • Remote Work Tips: Optimize Your Digital Workspace

How Much Does It Cost?

A Professional Development Investment That's Priced Right

Effective & Affordable Group Plans


Does your organization need a dedicated, results-driven virtual presentation and remote work training program?

Whether you are a corporate, governmental, institutional or nonprofit organization—Live Impact Online offers tailored curriculums to increase your team’s productivity and enhance their skills within the online working environment.

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Leadership Team

$ 179

Per Person - 2 Hours
  • Camera Readiness
  • Vocal Variety
  • Body Language Technique

Small Group
11-25 PEOPLE

$ 179

Per Person - 2 Hours
  • Camera Readiness
  • Vocal Variety
  • Body Language Technique

15% Off

Large Group
26+ PEOPLEBest Value

$ 179

Per Person - 2 Hours
  • Camera Readiness
  • Vocal Variety
  • Body Language Technique

20% OFF


$ 179

1 Hour - Separate Day
  • Suggested Equipment List
  • Software & Hardware
  • Room Setup & Virtual Tips


NOTE: Event-based pricing available upon request. Rates vary dependent on scope and group size.

Easy, Flat-Rate Individual Plan


We’re always in tireless pursuit of providing value. So we keep it simple (and affordable).

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1-ON-1 InstructionVery Popular

$ 358

2 Hours
  • Camera Readiness
  • Vocal Variety
  • Body Language Technique


$ 179

1 Hour - Separate Day
  • Camera Readiness
  • Vocal Variety
  • Body Language Technique
  • Virtual Office Setup

Want More? Become A LIO Member & Get Ongoing Support.

LIO Memberships are available for Individuals and Groups — providing continued LIVE consulting, advanced professional development modules, and other exclusive benefits. Membership packages offer 1, 3, 6, or 9 months of everything you love about the Live Impact Online course and more.

Ann Keil Dux - Communications Expert

Who Will You Work With?

Ann Keil Dux

One-on-one consulting, training, and tips from Ann Keil Dux, an Emmy award-winning television journalist and communications consultant.

Meet Your Personal, Virtual Consultant

My name is Ann Keil Dux. As a successful broadcast journalist and news reporter, I spent over a decade developing and delivering quality content on-camera for television news stations across the country on tight deadlines.

Today, I serve as a communications coach and consultant under Dux Communications, helping high-profile business professionals, companies and organizations create and showcase brand identities that honor their uniqueness.

Now, in-keeping with my firm’s dedication to tailored client solutions, services have been expanded to include results-driven, LIVE instruction online for business people worldwide that want help navigating the new normal.

With Live Impact Online, I want to pave your virtual path to success, by maximizing your remote work presentation skills and fundamentally changing the way you interact on video conferencing software like Zoom or WebEx.

When Words Speak Volumes.

See What Our Clients Are Saying

We’ve had the privilege of successfully delivering breakthrough communications consulting and media training to a variety of clients, including for-profit and not-for-profit organizations and their leadership.

I completed Ann’s course and walked away with a long list of action items to implement, which is one of the best indicators of a successful learning engagement. I highly encourage those that have a sincere interest in leveling up their “virtual presence” to not simply look for time in their calendar to schedule this course, but to make time for it!

Lennar CorporationSenior Manager

“I consider Ann Keil Dux to be a superstar in her field. I am so impressed by her entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to changing our world.”

Business ProfessionalA.H.

Live Impact Online is extremely beneficial for enhancing your online presence. As our work world has shifted, enhancing our Zoom techniques can make all the difference in sounding and looking our best to build brand awareness and grow our influence. Thank you for all the tips.

University of MiamiProfessor & Academic Director

“Ann Keil Dux knows how to harness your talents and provide expert guidance so you can communicate effectively across any medium, for growth of your career and relationships. Game changer."

Business ProfessionalM.L.

Ann is a gifted professional that utilizes this course to share her expertise to make you a better presenter and leader. I highly recommend it!

The Merit GroupSenior Management Consultant

“I worked in the media industry for 30 years, and I can say that Ann Keil Dux is an extremely talented individual with a career to be proud of. She has received awards at a young age that others spend a lifetime working towards. I believe that is a sign of her intelligence and extraordinary drive as a person and professional. I find her bright, focused, and creative.”

Business ProfessionalD.L.

Live Impact Online gave me the tools and guidance necessary to become more effective in my virtual presence and presentation. I highly recommend the course! Ann’s expertise has already been really helpful.

Straumann GroupSenior Manager

“Ann is truly a master at her craft, and anyone looking for a top notch business coach would be wise to contact her. I have been working with Ann since January of 2019 and can absolutely say her expertise, wisdom, passion and support has made ‘the’ difference in my professional life. Ann’s level of professionalism, ability to listen and commitment to excellence has helped me better communicate my story and my gifts to help others, and she has enabled me to deliver my achievements with confidence. I will continue to use Ann and I strongly recommend her to any friend or colleague."

Business ProfessionalC.C.

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When you're 'live,' there's no 'take two.'

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